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Workshop Booster en

A Workshop Addition that Rocks!

The Qfive Solution …

  • Upgrading & complementing classic trainings

  • Long term retention of what has been learned

  • Impulses for implementation

  • Higher learning motivation and engagement

A Workshop-Booster …

… is an innovative blended learning approach that combines online and classroom training to optimize knowledge transfer. Prior to a workshop or course, a skills tournament brings all participants up to the same level of knowledge. Those who reach a certain level in the game are authorized to participate in the workshop. Sometie after the workshop, the learning content is repeated in an online tournament to reinforce what has been learned. The final exam takes place at the end of the tournament and allows participants to receive a personalized certificate.

Challenges of traditional training methods

Traditional training methods are often costly. Travel costs, room rentals and the loss of productivity can add up and put a strain on corporate training budgets.

In traditional training formats, all participants receive the same content at the same time, regardless of their individual learning needs or pace. This can result in employees with different levels of knowledge being either underchallenged or overchallenged.

A key difficulty with traditional training is that what is learned is often quickly forgotten. As a result, the desired sustainable knowledge accumulation is not achieved, and the transfer of what has been learned to everyday work is extremely limited. This affects the long-term benefits and return on investment (ROI) of corporate training programs.

Evaluation of training results is essential to assess the success of the training. Trainers need to use appropriate methods to measure learning success and the transfer of learning to everyday work. This can be challenging because training success is not always easily quantifiable.

Online Learning Effect

The Qfive Competence Game

… An innovative and sustainable solution for your training programs

“Blended learning is the bridge that connects the potential of traditional teaching with the limitless possibilities of digital learning.”

Training initiatives can be made leaner and more efficient. Fewer training days or hours are needed to deliver the same material, while at the same time the trainer has the opportunity to provide more focused and detailed attention to participants.

All participants start with the same level of knowledge and can reflect and repeat it individually after the training. This flexibility allows the instructor to focus on the needs of each individual and provide a customized learning experience.

QFIVE compensates for the usual forgetting curve through smart repetition. In the repetition phase, transfer impulses are set that encourage the participant’s activity and motivate them to successfully apply what they learned after the workshop or training.

Pre-training knowledge is determined in teh beginning. After the game (repetition) and taking the final test, one can compare results before and after training meaningfully. Repeated training helps to retain knowledge and meaningfully improves training effectiveness over time.

Business Cases

Technical Service

Workshop for Service Excellence


Service technicians represent the company and have an important role in molding customer relationships. Sharing knowledge is important, but there isn’t enough time for lengthy classroom training since it can cause productivity to decrease. The aim is to enhance workshops by adding e-learning or online elements. This will make training more effective while increasing efficiency.

The Answer

A QFIVE pre-event tournament brings all participants up to the same level, and a second tournament after the workshop repeats and consolidates what has been learned. As a result, the workshop can concentrate more on individual priorities, boosting participants’ motivation to learn.


More Revenue with Sales Seminar


Sales trainers encounter two challenges: Firstly, training sessions are conducted infrequently and there is little interaction with customers or learners in-between. Secondly, trainers can only conduct a limited number of classroom trainings. The aim is to leverage an online supplement that intensifies interaction with clients and learners while optimizing the sales trainer’s physical presence.

The Answer

QFIVE Competence Games serve as knowledge refreshers between seminars and enable a regular exchange with customers and trainees. Engaging knowledge tournaments not only attract new clients but also generate additional income for the trainer. What could be considered as competition becomes a complementary field for revenue opportunities.

Education Provider

Course Supplement


A Vocational education provider faces strong competitive pressure from online alternatives. The short attention span of participants, low motivation to learn, and limited effectiveness of traditional formats are key hurdles for training providers and schools. A blended learning approach aims to combine face-to-face instruction with online learning.

The Answer

Several QFIVE Competence Games are used as part of a curriculum. A kick-off tournament clarifies the relevance of a topic and promotes motivation. For exam preparation, a knowledge tournament is available and for repetition and consolidation, students can compete against alumni. This keeps what they have learned alive beyond the course.

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