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A Refresh Training that Inspires

The Qfive Solution …

  • Reaches everyone, regardless of skill level.

  • No loss of productivity, seamlessly integrated into the daily work routine.

  • Costs a fraction of traditional training

  • Quick and easy implementation with measurable learning results.

  • Active participation and a greater desire to learn

The Refresher …

… is a customized training to refresh and consolidate. The training has a diverse audience that brings together different prior knowledge, skills, learning styles and experiences, resulting in a dynamic learning environment. It is aimed at partner companies and sales channels with decentralized structures in order to motivate and train their employees. It is not just a refresher course on specific skills, but can also be a source of information and guidance on new products and other topics.

Challenges of a Heterogeneous Learning Environment

In complex partner networks, channel or branch structures, it is difficult to address the target group directly. Geographical distances and language barriers make communication even more difficult.

In organizations, teams, or departments, individuals with varying levels of expertise, prior knowledge, and experience converge, necessitating a customized approach. Workshops or webinars, the conventional training methods, frequently fall short of their intended effect in such situations.

Classical teaching approaches exhibit low sustainability, as what is learned is quickly forgotten (Forgetting Curve). In particular, conventional e-learning formats often lack a way to effectively measure learning success.

Enthusiasm for training and education is often limited. Heterogeneous prior knowledge compounds this problem because individual participants are either overwhelmed or bored. There is also a loss of productivity due to absence during training.

Old-school training is not effective

The Qfive Competence Game

… is an innovative knowledge tournament that makes learning an engaging and lasting experience.

Inspired Learning

QFIVE reaches all participants regardless of their organization, prior knowledge, or geographic location. The tournament is multilingual and anonymous, so each participant can choose their own learning pace and timing, while still being fully engaged in the tournament.

The game-based approach of the Online Tournament ensures that knowledge is automatically refreshed or reinforced. The online library offers learning material that caters to different learning styles.

Using the well-established Lindner principle (flashcards), learned knowledge is reinforced by regularly repeating it. Participant engagement and knowledge is measured through a practical exam format.

The tournament’s competitive atmosphere encourages participants to be intrinsically motivated, like being curious, gaining recognition, or achieving goals. Additionally, extrinsic motivators such as attractive prizes reinforce this motivation.

Business Cases

Financial Industry

Insurer and its Intermediaries and Agents


An insurance company wants to optimize the sales skills of its external agents while training them on new products

The Answer:

An industry-specific knowledge tournament with generic sales knowledge takes place several times a year

IT Industry

Software Vendors and their Resellers


A software vendor wants to ensure that its resellers are always aware of the latest product features, licensing models and distribution strategies.

The Answer:

Implementation of a “Reseller Knowledge Boost” program with generic as well as customized content.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Medical Professionals


A pharmaceutical company wants to ensure that healthcare professionals in pharmacies are always aware of the latest medical information on their products, drug applications, interactions and safety issues.

The Answer:

Implement a “Medical Product Excellence” program that complements the pharmacy training program and also provides continuing education credits.

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