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An Awareness-Campaign that sticks

The Qfive Solution…

  • Reaches all levels of an organization in a short time

  • Integrated into daily work – no need for training

  • Measurable learning success with certificate

  • Quick and easy implementation

Awareness Campaigns …

… have a clear focus: they bring important issues into the spotlight. Spreading engaging content and messages raises awareness throughout the organization. The ultimate goal? To increase awareness and drive long-term behavioral change, such as strengthening defenses against cyberattacks, improving workplace safety, or protecting corporate assets.

The Challenges of an Awareness Campaign

Companies often have a wide range of target groups that need to be reached. Different communication channels and targeting strategies are necessary to effectively address the diversity of employees at different levels, in different regions and with different languages.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, people are bombarded with a multitude of information. Messages in classic communication channels are often ignored or overlooked.

Measuring the success of awareness campaigns is often complex and unspecific. The effectiveness of classic campaigns is often difficult or impossible to measure.

Just raising awareness is insufficient. A typical awareness campaign on its own is usually inadequate for inducing sustainable behavior change. Other resources and strategies are necessary.

Lifelong Learning starts with the first step

The Qfive Competence Game

… addresses these challenges with an innovative online solution in the form of a knowledge tournament:

Learning 4.0

The Competence Tournament includes everyone in the organization, no matter their job position, educational background, or age. The competition is available in multiple languages and anonymous, so employees from different locations can participate effectively.

The gamified approach of the online tournament virtually avoids flooded communication channels, which more effectively directs employees’ attention.

The tournament is based on a quiz duel that enables measurable learning success. Engagement, retention and knowledge verification are systematically documented.

In a Competence Game, the participants receive specific tasks, so-called transfer impulses, which help them take the first actions outside the tournament to use what they’ve learned.

Business Cases

Against Cyber Attacks

SME with 40 employees


More than 90% of successful cyber attacks are due to human error. All employees, regardless of their role, function or level, are the most important security factor and require appropriate awareness.

The Answer

A company-wide cyber awareness tournament provides all employees with essential knowledge to identify and correctly respond to threats in just 3 weeks. An IT security specialist developed the technical content. >> more

Occupational Accidents

Automotive Manufacturer


Workers in an industrial plant must be regularly made aware of the hazards involved in handling machinery and equipment and must know the regulations and safety measures.

The Answer

Periodic Competence Games motivate employees to deal with the topic and also provide implementation impulses. Tablets in the break rooms provide access to the tournament. The content was created directly by the manufacturer.

Digital Transformation

Wholesale Retail Distributor


Digital transformation and A.I. fuel fears and uncertainty. Different levels of education and mother tongues make teaching the basics time-consuming and complex. The goal is to reduce fears and prejudices.

The Answer

The game approach makes access easy and attractive. It covers the basics of digital transformation, various types of artificial intelligence, ethical implications, the future of work, and the potential of these technologies.

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