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The only SUSTAINABLE competitive advantage is a company’s ability to LEARN faster than the competition

What would happen if …
Your employees enjoy further training so much that they even do it enthusiastically at the weekend?

Quizmax from the former CEO of Nokia


Download infosheet: QUIZMAX 4.0 Highlights EN

Be one step ahead of your competition  –  this is the way…


With Gamification and Microlearning, QUIZMAX® combines two effective learning concepts into an innovative addition to your e-learning platform.


Your employees increase their knowledge in an emotional and playful way, anytime and anywhere. Measure your learning success with just one click.


The learning games and knowledge tournaments enrich your training offer and underline your claim as a modern employer.


The result: Motivated and competent employees. Even better customer service. More sales. Long-term corporate success.

QUIZMAX® in Action

Sales methodology in the B2B environment
Occupational safety in production
Expertise for pharmacies
Data protection in companies (GDPR)
Digital transformation in retail
Basic knowledge in the financial sector

How QUIZMAX® supports your corporate goals

Sophisticated Sales

Training employees measurably, sustainably and practically on the fly

Training & Consultancy

Making online seminars interactive and anchor knowledge better

Customer Service

Systematically anchor a service mindset in customer service

Selling Financial Services

Anchoring the recipe for success according to the method of Dr.Schittly in a playful way

Yes, further training can be fun – thanks to gamification and microlearning

  • When learning feels like playing, you no longer have to motivate your staff for a training. With QUIZMAX® they compete with their knowledge like in popular quiz apps and increase their skills almost automatically.

  • Thanks to microlearning, the knowledge nuggets are packed into the smallest units so that they can be optimally processed by the brain.
  • QUIZMAX® is the ideal addition or alternative to your company’s e-learning solution. Reasonably priced and scalable, our system is suitable for small companies as well as large corporations.

Why QUIZMAX® works

3 Reasons for QUIZMAX®

Anchoring Knowledge

Strengthen your employees with relevant and sustainable knowledge


Complement your learning initiative with exciting learning games and microlearning

Anytime and Everywhere

Seamless training within daily routines, anytime and wherever the employees are

What our customers say about QUIZMAX® as an e-learning platform

«90 percent of all participants rated QUIZMAX as ‘very good’ or ‘good’ …»
European tire manufacturer

«The success rate of the participants has steadily improved in the course of the tournament. The decisive factor was that the revenue of the products concerned increased significantly.»

German large bakery chain

«We used QUIZMAX® to playfully introduce our “UpSkill Program” for digital transformation. By using modern approaches such as “Mobile Learning”, “Micro Learning” and “Gamification”, we were able to convey the initial basic knowledge efficiently. Playful learning impressed many employees.»

Head Organisation, Skill & Resource Management, Swiss retail company

«We can highly recommend the good quality and reliability of the quiz-based online platform, as well as the excellent and reliable cooperation. At this point, great praise goes to the service and support staff of QUIZMAX®, which is always available at short notice. You get helpful answers and solutions to all questions. We and our employees are very satisfied with the online platform.»

Managing director, medium-sized cleaning company

About us …

Coming from sales and the training industry, we know the frustration when the effects of expensive trainings fizzle out quickly.

We used to develop innovative educational games for large corporations like Microsoft or EDEKA. Today our customers include Migros and Continental.

We, Jürg Hofer and Karl Berger, are behind the QUIZMAX® e-learning platform.

Thanks to many years of consulting and training experience, Karl Berger is a specialist in web and game-based learning. Jürg Hofer is a freelance consultant and trainer, worked for many years in sales and was, among other things, managing director of Nokia in Switzerland.


Learn more about us (in German)…


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