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About Qfive

Do your employees scream “Hurray” enthusiastically when they hear the word “further training”?


We know that.

That is why we have developed QUIZMAX®.

With the effective mix of gamification and micro learning, your employees will soon have fun again. So much that they even enjoy doing it in their spare time.

If you need to train your employees, you are regularly faced with the same questions:

  • How do I motivate my employees to learn?
  • How does the training content not fizzle out right away? 
  • How can the knowledge be integrated and applied in a daily routine ?

With QUIZMAX® you will soon no longer have to worry about it. Gamification and Micro Learning  are your new successful duo for quick learning success and sustainable knowledge transfer.

Give training a new image with QUIZMAX®

QUIZMAX® is a game-based learning concept with which you can increase the competence of adults of almost all ages.

In learning games and knowledge tournaments, your employees challenge each other in different skill topics. Who still thinks that training courses are boring?

And with just one click you can see that the training content has been internalized.

Competent and motivated employees – your basis for satisfied customers, more revenue and long-term success

Your employees learn motivated and thus more effectively

QUIZMAX® triggers intrinsic motivators like: play instinct and a competitive mind. Through these emotions, participants learn in a playful way and anchor newly acquired knowledge in a sustainable manner.

Train your employees anytime, anywhere

Thanks to micro learning, knowledge packages are conveyed as small nuggets. The knowledge games can be easily integrated into a daily routine, anywhere (mobile learning). Five minutes in between. You no longer have to schedule employees for separate training.

Lower the cost of training and the time it takes

Days lost by employees, room costs, travel expenses, speaker fees – with QUIZMAX® you can now significantly reduce training costs.

Your employees stay on the ball

Gamification makes it possible: Because it’s fun, employees continue to work with the material after training – even in their free time, because it feels like playing.

Optimize training through comprehensive evaluation

Receive real-time data on knowledge gaps and provide targeted support to every employee.

Image gain for your organization

You can promote your reputation as a modern employer with innovative learning concepts.

For all industries and companies of all sizes

QUIZMAX® is cost-efficient and therefore also affordable for smaller companies. Once set up, QUIZMAX® is easy to scale.

Our clients operate in complex sales situations (e.g. software and capital goods, sophisticated retail (pharmacies, insurance), HR and the communications industry.

Enrich your training offer with QUIZMAX® or completely replace traditional face-to-face seminars. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated into an existing Learn Management System.

Well equipped for your success with QUIZMAX®

Three different tournament variants guarantee maximum flexibility in the configuration of competence tournaments.
These are:

  • Duels against a virtual coach (computer bot)
  • Duels against real „opponents“ (colleague, supervisor, partner)
  • Duels team against team

QUIZMAX® was designed in such a way that participants can use QUIZMAX® anywhere and at any time with any Internet-enabled device.
Whether iOS from Apple , Android from Google or on any common browser, QUIZMAX® can be run anywhere.

Prime-Competence has a large number of proven learning modules that we are happy to provide to our customers.
That saves time and money. In addition, our clients can operate the entire system independently and upload, edit and manage their own content.

QUIZMAX® is designed for a large number of languages.
If the content is stored in different languages, the participants can compete against each other on the same content, even though each uses a different language.

The Online Library is available to the participants especially for new or in-depth areas of knowledge. Here, various learning contents can be arranged according to categories. Whether pure text information, videos, webinars or links to other information, the Online Library ensures that the participants find the information they need.

Larger companies already have – or are planning to introduce a Learn Management System (LMS).
QUIZMAX® can be integrated into an LMS at any time via SCORM interfaces, for example to enable “single sign-on” functionality.

In order to make the use of QUIZMAX® as attractive as possible for users, the participants are motivated by various triggers. We address the intrinsic driving motivators innate to all people (especially the competitive and playing instinct) and create a high level of emotional enthusiasm.

Depending on the requirements and objectives of the learning initiative, exams can be activated that are linked to various conditions (e.g. competence level in the mission).
Optionally, an individual certificate can be made available for the participants to download, which the participants can download themselves after passing the exam.

Why gamification and micro learning work

In classic training, the learning content is quickly forgotten

As in the past with index cards, knowledge is anchored through spaced repetition with QUIZMAX®: Questions are repeated until they are answered correctly. The learning content is retained for a long time.

Our brain switches off when there is too much input

With short learning content (micro learning) you can create small bites and ensure that your employees only learn as much as they can absorb.

Learning is laborious

With gamification you trigger intrinsic motivators that stimulate learning in a playful and unconstrained way. QUIZMAX® motivates and arouses the ambition to prove one’s knowledge.

Pure knowledge testing does not anchor the knowledge

In normal exams, the participants often only aim to pass – and what they have learned is forgotten as soon as the test is “ticked off”. Thanks to the game character of QUIZMAX®, your employees learn with motivation and enthusiasm – which makes learning more successful.

Digital transformation doesn’t wait

Classic training courses alone are insufficient today and no longer meet the needs. New forms of learning such as apps convey knowledge in a playful way.

Get started right away with our proven tournament formats

Quizmax® is played as part of a time-limited tournament. In contrast to a simple quiz, a tournament in which other employees are involved becomes an emotionally charged event. This facilitates willingness to learn and results in better learning effectiveness.

Tournaments can be organized as individual tournaments, team competitions or as part of a so-called ‘blended learning’ approach.

The implementation is either done by the client himself or as a complete package by our experts.

How QUIZMAX® brings your company forward


Almost 90% more revenue thanks to QUIZMAX®

At a very large retail chain, the introduction of a new product was accompanied with QUIZMAX®.

In order to specifically test the effects of QUIZMAX®, the employees of 25 branches were trained with QUIZMAX® during the introduction, the classic sales promotion measures took place in the other branches. The branches with QUIZMAX® generated up to 87% more in sales.


Reliably measure the learning success with QUIZMAX®

As part of a sales training session, QUIZMAX® was used in a ‘blended learning concept’. The statistics show how the learning success has developed over two weeks: While 54 percent of the questions were answered incorrectly at the beginning, this value was reduced to 17 percent at the end of the tournament.

Learning à la “Hey, that’s actually fun”?
You can have it!

Test QUIZMAX® for 14 days free of charge and without obligation

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